What time of the day do you row? 

The rowing schedule is dependent on the availability of the coach(es) in discussion with the rowers.

In general:

  • Weekday sessions are held after school/work 
  • Weekend sessions are on Saturday mornings or Sunday afternoons

Most sessions run for roughly two hours. 

What should I wear for rowing?

Wear close-fitting gym-type clothing that you don't mind getting wet. High visibility colours are especially appreciated. If it is cold enough for a sweater, try to avoid pockets in the front as your oar handle can get caught, making it difficult to row. Our boats have rowing shoes in them to use but bring your own socks. It's a good idea to wear a cap and always wear sunscreen. For wearing on land before and after you row, bring lightweight shoes that can be easily removed, get dirty, get wet, etc. Jandals or slides are great options. 

For regattas, you will need a Bay Coast uniform. This can be purchased through our Membership page.

How fit do I need to be to row?

We cater to all fitness levels. Rowing is a great way to get in shape and develop muscle tone and cardiovascular fitness. You will get fit by rowing!

How old do I have to be?

We welcome anyone from Year 7 up. Our younger rowers focus on developing their technique and having fun in our Learn to row programme. We also welcome younger rowers who would like to learn how to be a coxswain. From Year 9 up, rowers can start participating in regattas.

Am I too old to start rowing?

No! You're never too old to row. We cater to beginners of all ages and welcome those who may have rowed at school and wish to return to the sport. If you are a senior in college and want to start rowing, fantastic! While we welcome rowers from Year 7 up, it doesn't matter if you haven't started till you are a senior. Older students have the mental and physical maturity to be able to grasp the basics quickly and often make great strides in the course of one season. No matter what your age, if you are keen to row, give it a go. 

When is the rowing season?

The main rowing season (for school and club rowers) starts in September and finishes in March/April. The club season runs through to February and is then followed by the school season through to March/April, with the climax of the season being the Maadi Cup (National Secondary Schools Regatta). Rowers have a 6-week break at the end of the season and then build slowly over the winter. 

Do school rowers race as their school team or as Bay Coast rowing club?

This depends on the regatta. Some regattas are club regattas and for those, you will race for Bay Coast. Other regattas are school regattas and for these, you row for your school. Our club has students from ACG, Bethlehem, Katikati, Ōtūmoetai and Waihi Colleges. Let us know if you would like to be put in touch with the club coordinator for your school. 

Can I row and still participate in other sports?

Yes! Many of our athletes choose to participate in other sports, especially over winter when the rowing season has slowed down. During this time, we try to schedule rowing training sessions at a time that is least likely to interfere with other sports (ie. Sunday afternoon instead of Saturday morning). Rowing is a great way to keep your fitness levels up during the off season of your winter sports.

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