School (13+)

For intermediate and high school-aged students


Experience the wide-ranging benefits of rowing and have the chance to compete for your club and school. Beyond improved fitness, dedication, and lasting friendships, rowing instills discipline, enhances mental well-being, and fosters teamwork. It's a transformative journey of personal growth on the water.

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When do you row?

Our regular weekday rowing sessions take place after school
Weekend sessions are either on a Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon.

Where do you row?

We normally row on the Wairoa River, where our club is based. Thanks to our temperate climate and reliably calm waters, we’re able to enjoy rowing all year round, at any time of the day.

What other training is involved?

Off-water training includes erging, strength and conditioning, flexibility and aerobic sessions. 

These training sessions take place either before or after school and may be held at school or the club.

How often do you train?

Through the regatta season (September to March/April), training builds to roughly 4–6 sessions per week, both on and off the water.

There is a 6-week break following Maadi Cup, with a reduced training program during the winter months. 

The specific training schedule is determined in coordination with the coach(es) based on rower availability.  

For more information see the SCHOOL ROWER HANDBOOK 2023/2024

What does it cost?

Fees for the 2023/24 season:

  • School $1480
  • Novice $890
  • Coxswains $705

Fees include:

  • Coaching: roughly 3 on-water sessions plus 2-3 off-water (strength and conditioning/erging) sessions per week during the regatta season (1-2 on-water plus 1-2 off-water sessions during winter. Over the course of the year, this works out to be at least 100 on-water coached rowing sessions.
  • Rowing camp at Lake Karapiro (not included in Novice fees). 2–7 January. This includes accommodation, food, 3 x coached sessions each day, and is the highlight of many of our athlete's year. If you don't attend camp, your fees can be reimbursed. 
  • Use of club equipment, including boats, oars and ergs (rowing machines)
  • Boat insurance and maintenance
  • Coach boat fuel
  • RNZ registration
  • Administrative costs

Not included:

  • Regatta entry fees
  • Travel and accommodation related to each regatta

Fees can be paid in weekly or monthly installments or as a one-off annual payment. 

If you're keen to row but face constraints with transport or finance, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're genuinely committed to making rowing accessible to all who have the passion for it. We're eager to find solutions that enable anyone with the desire to row to participate, including options like carpooling and fundraising.

Subs are reviewed annually at the AGM.

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